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Want to know where to go and what to do in Montana?

Our Mission

With nearly 30 million acres of public land in Montana, opportunities in outdoor recreation are practically limitless. The only question is deciding upon the best adventure for you. Whether you love hiking, camping, fishing, floating, or any other of our outdoor activities, our goal is to provide inspiration and accurate information to help you make the most of every glorious day. 

Finding your Activities

Look for your favorite activities under our "Field Notes" page. Divided into activities such as fishing, bicycling, camping, water recreation, winter recreation and hiking, including categories of short hikes for families or extended trips for those seeking a longer time in the wild, there is something for every experience and physical level. 


Listen to Experts

To truly understand Montana, we need to listen to those who know it best. The Montana Waypoints podcast brings experts in a wide range of topics to our listeners to answer questions and provide a greater depth of knowledge of the landscape and the issues surrounding it. 

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